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ID: Giuseppina       
city of NEPI
 - ancient House of the' 800 
only  34 km from Roma - convenient starting point to visit wonderful places of Tuscia 

Casale Monte dell' Oca, the perfect place to spend your vacation, relaxing environment, where you can still see the activities of the past, such as the wheat harvest, the' plowing and cultivating, still performed manually by farmers residing at court.

Poultry, sheep and rabbits frame the house, located in a completely rock.
The house and 'destination for lovers of natur view the' integrity 'environment where she lives, you can see herons, sparrows, blue tits and great tits.

During the night you can hear the verses of raptors such as owls, horned owls, and that sometimes rest on the sills of the rooms.


The House:


    The house has 3 bedrooms :
    2 double rooms 1 twin room
    2 bathrooms
    one large living room with fireplace and the kitchen
    and a lot of space all around


The Location :
  • Nestled in the countryside Nepesina about 1.5 km from Nepi, is an ancient farmhouse of the early twentieth century, initially built as a drying tobacco, now has the privilege, given its height, a wide 360-degree view of the countryside surrounding the Monte Soratte and neighbors Monti Cimini.

    Just 20 minutes from the GRA of Rome and 'destination for many tourists, given its proximity to the capital city, easily accessible by car and public transport.

    Hospitable, friendly ingredients are accompanying a rich and tasty breakfast that still have the taste of the past.

    Walk or bike along the paths of the surrounding countryside and guided tours to nearby archaeological sites of Tarquinia, San Julian and Norchia can brighten your stay and give you a relaxing environment.


I am loking for: open to exchange all around the world


To get in contact with  Giuseppina  and ee if she is interested in an exchange with You, please fill in all the blank below - please email to: info@scambiocasa.it
with INFO about Your home .
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